Beauty Rest…….

Need your beauty rest? Here are six tips to help you recharge at night!

Do you feel that you need a bit of beauty rest? Want to recharge your mind, your body and wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized and with beautifully glowing skin? If you do, then you need to be a master of beauty sleep. With this in mind, we have put together six top tips to help you to recharge yourself at night, and make sure that you wake up the beauty that you are inside.

Make your bedroom the ideal sleeping zone

If your bedroom isn’t the inviting, welcoming and peaceful place that you need to drop off, then how will you be able to sleep? You need to make sure that your bedroom is a sleeping zone. It needs to be dark, to be cool and to have minimal distractions such as TV’s etc. You also should invest in some good quality bedding which will make sure you slip into bed with ease.

Minimize tech time before you go to bed

There have been plenty of studies on how the blue light that is kicked out by phones and tablets can interfere with your sleeping pattern. This means that flicking through Facebook or online shopping should be limited during the hour before bed. If you feel that you need a little help unwinding before you go off to sleep, then read a book instead.

Keep pet’s downstairs

It can be hard to say no to your beloved furry friend, but if they are interfering with your sleep, then it might be best that they stay downstairs. Not only will this help with your sleep, but if you have any allergies, then you might find that it is better for your health too.

Invest in a soothing spritz or cream

You may be surprised to learn just how much a particular cream or spray can help you get to sleep. There are a number of spritzes out there that contain natural ingredients which not only smell amazing, but are great for your skin too.

No booze before bed

Whilst you know that drinking coffee, and even tea before bed isn’t going to be a good idea, do you know that booze is bad too? Rather than being a soothing nightcap, alcohol can actually interfere with your sleep and leave you feeling unrefreshed in the morning. It’s a much better idea to have a nice warm hot chocolate or milky drink instead.


If you spend too much time worrying about sleeping, then chances are that you are going to find it hard to switch off. Stop thinking about whether or not you are going to get enough sleep, turn off that clock and instead focus on just relaxing and letting go of the stress of the day. You will drop off in no time at all.
So, there you go, some of the top tips for being a beauty master. Why not try it out for yourself? You might be surprised by how great it will make you feel!