The Designers behind the Brands

The Designers behind the Brands

The Designers behind the Brands
January 2015 has come and gone, New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken and most of us are just wishing time would slow down.
Before we dive deeper into 2015 I want to take this opportunity to teach you about a few of the designers responsible for the lingerie and swimwear you find at La Bella Rose and show you a glimpse of what they have for us to look forward to this year.
Although La Bella Rose offers a range of high end lingerie and swimwear I want to focus specifically on two brands and their designers. The first being Stella Cadente and the second being Keva Johnson.
Stella Cadente by Stella Cadente
The Stella Cadente brand was formed in 1991 by French designer of the same name, Stella Cadente. In 1995, four years after the establishment of ‘Stella Cadente’, she created her own brand of ready-to-wear clothing and in October of 2004 Stella went on to launch a perfume range.
Before her brand was launched Stella Cadente studied fashion and design at both the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and at the Bercot Studio in Paris. Once she finished studying Stella went on to express her talent by working with major designers including Chanel, Montana and Thierry Mugler.
Today Stella Cadente defines herself as a cross designer who expresses her creativity and style freely. This can be seen throughout her designs which encompass a mixture of colour and texture.

Stella Cadente “Alice’s Keys Set”

Keva by Keva Johnson
Whilst growing up in Miami Keva Johnson became interested in fashion after being inspired by her grandmother’s ambitions of becoming a fashion designer. In kindergarten Keva styled Barbie, in high school she was voted “Best Dressed” by her senior class and at Florida State University she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Apparel Design.
After graduating in 2005 Keva moved back to Miami but soon relocated to New York City where she launched her swimwear range Keva. Originally the Keva swimwear collection was going to be called Kaos Designs but the name was later scrapped to be more representative of herself.
Keva describes her swimwear as edgy, unique and chic. She avoids mainstream trends and says her influences come from New York skyscrapers, Miami’s tropical lifestyle as well as her Jamaican heritage.



Keva J “Marrak Bikini” Keva J Sleek “Monokini”
Both Stella and Keva have surrounded themselves with fashion and have worked hard to create and invent their own unique brands which represent their lives and passions. La Bella Rose is pleased to be able to offer both of these collections and wishes both designers well in the coming year.
Keep an eye out for more designs from both Stella Cadente and Keva Johnson on La Bella Rose in 2015.

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